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Xeragel® is a 100% silicone ointment, designed for convenient, regular application over small scars. Perfect for discreet application on scar treatment sites where silicone gel sheeting would be inconvenient, impractical, or unsitely.

The effectiveness of Epi-Derm™ with the convenience of an ointment Designed for:

  • Hands & Arms
  • Face
  • Neck
  • Elbows
  • Feet & Ankles
  • C- section
  • Burns
  • Hypertrophic Scars
  • Keloids & Prevention
  • Body Piercing Scars


Xeragel® (XSO-797)

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Xeragel is highly recommended for use on exposed facial scars.

Product FAQ's

 How soon will I see improvement in the appearance of my scar?

Many patients notice improvement within one to two weeks of proper use.  However, every scar responds differently and especially older scars may take longer before you notice improvement.

How long does a tube of Xeragel last?

Typically, on a small to mid-sized scar, the tube will last roughly up to two months when applied twice daily.

Can Xeragel be used around the eyes or mouth?

Yes, Xeragel may be used on scars near the eyes and mouth. However, caution should be used to keep the product from entering these areas.

Can Xeragel be used on Childern?

Yes, Xeragel can be used on children, under adult supervision.  This product is safe and Non-Toxic.

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