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The secret to youthful, radiant, hydrated skin is escaping you. Lock it in.

Moisture is constantly evaporating from your skin. Introducing a new anti-aging hydration mask that locks in valuable moisture and oxygen. The BIO-luminance™ silicone hydrotherapy masque simply and effectively helps to diminish fine lines, and leaves you with a plump, dewy complexion. Unlike other hydration masks, BIO-luminance contains absolutely no chemicals that will be absorbed by your skin. BIO-luminance boosts natural skin repair through pure oxygen and water. It is dye & alcohol free, hypoallergenic & non-comedogenic.
BIO-luminance facial hydrotherapy system hydration mask

No more messy creams!

Uses your body’s natural hydration system to soften & hydrate dry, tired skin

Maintains ideal oxygen & moisture balance

Gently adheres to remain comfortably in position

Clean, clear, soft, pliable 100% silicone gel sheeting

Imparts no additional chemicals to the skin

Oil, dye and fragrance FREE

Works with ALL skin types

Works with ALL facial care regimens

Reusable up to 28 times

Wash & dry – reusable

No special product care required

Simple, effective hydration
1 Cleanse face
2 Apply masque segments
3 Relax, hydrate and see results in as little as 15 minutes!

Biodermis pioneered the use of silicone gel sheeting for scar treatment, and has led the industry with new innovations for over 25 years. Part of the scar healing process involves dermal hydration.

Silicone gel sheeting creates a semi-permeable layer over the skin that allows oxygen to penetrate while holding precious moisture in, creating the optimum oxygen and moisture balance for healthy skin. The illustration below details the anti-aging effects of BIO-luminance on dermal hydration levels in a side by side comparison.

It’s that simple. No oils. No creams. No pasty concoctions. Just oxygen and water.

Benefits of properly hydrated skin

Fullness of the skin

Reduction of fine lines & wrinkles

Tightening of pores

Reduction of dead cells

Open, clear pores

Improved nutrient absorption


Visible results in as little as 30 minutes!

Reduced fine lines and wrinkles

Tighter pores & smoother complexion

Returns normal pallor to the skin


<hydration results before and after 30 minutes>

One complete BIO-luminance™ Masque

• Masque segments shaped for easy application, removal and storage
• Blue release liner peels away to reveal crystal-clear silicone gel sheeting 

Instruction For Use Card
• Clearly explains how to use and trim, if necessary

3 Storage Cards
• Conveniently stores your BIO-luminance Masque segments between uses

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