Products Q&A : Pro-Sil™

1. How long does a tube of Pro-Sil last?

Typically, on a small to mid-sized scar, the tube will last roughly up to two months when applied twice daily.

2. Can Pro-Sil be used around the eyes or mouth?

Yes, Pro-Sil may be used on scars near the eyes and mouth. However, caution should be used to keep the product from entering these areas.

3. Can Pro-Sil be used on Childern?

Yes, Pro-Sil can be used on children, under adult supervision.  This product is safe and Non-Toxic.

4. Does Pro-Sil help with acne scars?

Patients are reporting impressive results using Pro-Sil for acne scars. They are experiencing reduced redness, as well as a reduction in the severity of pitting, and an overall improvement in the complexion of areas affected by acne scarring.


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