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Amred Healthcare Limited

  • "I am so pleased and can't believe how well it's worked, it's amazing! I will continue to use it and I have no doubt if it can do this in a couple of months the scar will soon be gone! "
  • "Molly's open heart surgery left her with a 4 inch scar in the middle of her chest. We were using oil and cream but we didn't find them effective. The scar was raised and very red but after three months of using the Pro Sil stick there was a significant difference in its appearance and the scar was less prominent."
  • "I have been applying PROSIL for two weeks now and I am already seeing my scar getting smoother."

Amred Healthcare Limited is a speciality healthcare company focused on scar management and dermatology

Amred Healthcare Ltd winner of the Best Home Device award. Pro-Sil is unique! It's the Only Silicone Gel Glide-On stick (applicator) clinically proven. Indicated for the treatment and prevention of Keloids and Hypertrophic scarring. Pro-Sil is easy to use it has been specifically designed for the consumer/customer with Patient compliance being paramount to the development of Pro-Sil. There are overwhelming more benefits of Pro-Sil compared to any other competitors in the market place due to it's convenient, easy-to-use glide-on applicator. Benefits include Cost effectiveness, No Wastage, No Mess, Lasts longer with an 8 year Shelf-Life and easy to store. Treating your skin to the extra care it needs is now easier than ever. Pro-Sil stores compactly in a purse or pocket, and without drips or leaks


Amred Mission Statement

Our Mission is to distribute and provide quality dermatological products for treatments in scar management, acne and various skin conditions.

What are Keloid and Hypertrophic Scars?

Keloid and hypertrophic scars are usually thick, raised, unattractive scars. They are frequently associated with a variety of characteristics including hardened, rope-like protrusions, raised surfaces and excessive discolouration.

No product will ever completely eliminate a scar, however silicone products are clinically proven to be both safe and effective as a method to manage these unsightly scars and help them blend in with the surrounding healthy tissue.


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Pro-Sil - 2013 MyFaceMyBody Best Home Use Device Award Winner

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